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Higold Outdoor Furniture Presents at One Famous European Castle Farm

July 2020

Graaf ter Horst is located in a quiet forest area in the Netherlands. It is one of the most natural areas in the Netherlands. It was formerly a well-known castle farm. After 3 years of major renovation, it was born as a new influential restaurant. The restaurant was launched on June 1st,2020.

Graaf ter Horst is not only a restaurant, but also a unique and quiet place to relax yourself. Equipped with very comfortable Higold outdoor furniture, it enables joyful moments from the tongue to the body. Customers always give a like to the restaurant’s social media promotion posts and share interesting photos of the dining experience in the restaurant. From June 1st to August 8th, Higold Europe flagship store and Graaf ter Horst and many other restaurants will hold regular large-scale lucky draws every week. Customers and friends who would come to the restaurant  would click on Facebook and Instagram and other social media promotion posts. Giving likes and sharing interesting pictures during dining time in the restaurant, you would have a chance to get a set of Higold patent lounge sofa. Good luck and enjoy the time!