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As a first-line brand of Higold outdoor furniture in the world, has indelible innovation and R & D strength in the industry, with more than 230 patents. Its products have won German Red Dot Design Award, If design award, Pinnacle award, China Red Star Award and other awards at home and abroad. Higold furniture manufacture has more than 100 global brand agents and set up more than 100 brand stores in Dubai, Sydney, Venice, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and other countries. Its products have been sold to 102 countries and regions around the world, and the sales network covers the world, with global well-known Furniture Retailer METRO, xxxlutz, Crate & Barrel, Carrefour, Rohameland, Lowe’s, etc. Reached strategic cooperation with more than 30 international high-end hotels around the world, such as Delphin Beach Resort on Bonaire Island, Sani resort in Greece, Jade Beach high-end apartment building in Florida, Shenkeng hotel in Shanghai, Tangshe hotel in Guilin, Crown Holiday Inn Renheng in Sanya, Jiapeile hotel in Haitang Bay in Sanya, Aimei hotel in Huizhou, etc. In the future, the division is committed to improving the international brand value of humongous through design and innovation, quality and service, and becoming the first brand of Higold outdoor furniture and the top ideal life symbol in the industry.
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Higold Outdoor Furniture

company Vision

  • Higold’s Mission

    Strive for creating a healthy and satisfying lifestyle for human beings.

    Rather than just a simple supply and demand company, Higold’s ideology is to provide a better and elegant lifestyle with our products. With our unique and innovative product designs, our outdoor furniture gives our customers a better reason to stay outdoors.

  • Higold’s Core Value

    Cooperative, Win-Win, Creative and

    As an industry innovator, we wish to have more partners to join us in this great area to achieve a win-win situation by optimizing respective strength and integrating resources; We stick to innovate and sustain business operation with persistent vigour and vitality, to keep the advantage in being a leading enterprise and to always lead people to a better lifestyle.

  • Higold’s Objective

    Create Higold as an international brand of outdoor furniture and industry innovation leader

    With our product’s design, innovation, quality and service, we have been increasing the value of Higold’s international reputation in the outdoor furniture industry. As a result, customers are able to enjoy the quality and satisfaction of our products. Higold will always be the innovation leader and set as the benchmark in the industry.

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Higold’s Mission

The history of HIGOLD as a company goes back to 1989. From the nineties the company developed itself to a reliable manufacturer of kitchen hardware. From 2011 we may call ourselves a leading brand in China. In 2005 we decided to expand our business activities with furniture, to be precise top quality outdoor furniture. First under private label, later on we decided to launch and build our own brand HIGOLD excellent outdoor.

A brand with a mission

That is for sure. We like to inspire the luxury outdoor market with our brand and prove our promise: live the excellent life. Not only in China, but all over the world. Therefore we launched HIGOLD excellent outdoor shop in Europe at the first quarter of 2014 and started launching the brand with one of our partners in the Netherlands. From here we have connected various enthusiastic agents, dealers and retailers and we are building the brand. At the moment we are active in Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, USA and Qatar. In these countries famous hospitality brands like Hilton, Sheraton and Jade Beach have already met the brand and gave their terrace the right ambiance with one or more HIGOLD models.

Our ambition

All together the HIGOLD business activities have led to a very promising turnover. A result that we are absolutely proud of. But we are ambitious and are ready for our next step. In terms of our collection and in terms of expanding to additional countries. To start with Northern America. To handle this growth ambition we have just finished building a complete new sustainable factory. Wherefore we obtained all relevant certificates. The building not only has a great look, but also guarantees the best working conditions.

Our collection strategy

We believe that design makes a difference. The fact that we have won the prestigious international Red Dot award in 2014, 2017 and 2018, for our Shenzhou X daybed, Icook collection and Goldchef grilling product and also iF award 2020 for Onda Sunbed, emphasizes that. From that point of view we have attracted top designer Nicolas Thomkins to work with the HIGOLD outdoor collection. He is worldwide known and famous for his original signature, iconic designs & functional furniture and is also a Red Dot award winner. In 2016, Pininfarina Extra started to work with us in designing our new head office and also furniture, which sets a benchmark in Higold’s history.

Sincerely, Founder & President of the HIGOLD group

Mr. Alwin Ou