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Innovative Changes Lead to New Journey | Higold Group Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary and Has Launched a New Chapter

October 2020

On October 13th, Higold staff gathered together to grandly hold the 17th anniversary celebration party at the headquarters of Higold Group.

At the celebration, Mr. Ou Jinfeng, the owner of the Higold Group, and Tan Canrong, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Xingtan, as well as the executives of Higold's enterprise and business friends jointly announced that "Foshan Shunde Higold Hardware Product Co., Ltd." was officially renamed as "Higold Group Co.,Ltd". Later on, Mr. Ou made a toast,  2020 is a year of rapid development of the group and a year of building up brand globally. The Kongfu spokesperson Donnie Yen had refreshed Higold' brand image. The name change is not only a change of name, but also a major upgrade of the industrial strategy. Higold Group will set out from a new start, with a platform-based development strategy, insist in innovative ideas, and realize a new journey for the brand. In the meantime, Higold's development also relies on strong support of suppliers. In order to thank the suppliers for providing high-quality service and strong support to the company for a long time, the company specially set up the award of "Excellent Suppliers of 2020" and awarded plaques to representatives of 29 top suppliers.