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Lisboa 206040

Lisboa Outdoor Conversation Set, Designed by France Pierrick Taillard for HIGOLD

Pierrick Taillard,as an experienced designer in France, is a respected follower of Salvador Dali, and he take this method into his master piece Lisboa.

Generous in its proportions, comfortable and airy, based on a solid and elegant aluminum frame foundation, a color rope belt is emerged. This nest hand woven by the best craftsmen will impress you with its softness. It is an armchair invites you to the Mediterranean relaxation.

Under the shade of tropical trees, lie down quietly, smell the perfumes and let the birds sing.

Set on a soft and supple nest, Like a caress, let the voluptuousness of its curves welcome you into its heart to transport you to your sweetest dreams, and enjoy the sweetness of a Mediterranean siesta and eat life to the fullest.

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